Surgical Specialties New Zealand is a member company of the Medical Technology Association of New Zealand (MTANZ). 

As a member company we abide by the Code of Practice and have a Compliance Officer to ensure that the Code of Practice is part of our everyday procedures. Any queries regarding compliance issues should be addressed to our Compliance Officer .

For more information on the MTANZ Code of Practice, please click here.

In addition to abiding by this Code of Practice, Surgical Specialties New Zealand are licensee of the Code. As a licensee, Surgical Specialties New Zealand must:

  • Have established policies and procedures consistent with the provisions of the Code of Practice.
  • Have an executive-level person who is responsible for compliance with the Code of Practice and be informed to answer questions about the Code.
  • Provide comprehensive training to those employees and contractors whose job requirements make the information relevant and implemented programs to ensure ongoing training.
  • Have instituted processes within the company to monitor compliance and assess the effectiveness of the company‚Äôs policies and procedures.
  • Establish a process to respond to violations.
  • Establish a reporting mechanism to facilitate anonymous internal reporting of suspected violations.
  • Establish a disciplinary process for violations of those policies and procedures that support the Code of Practice.
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