Bone Foam Inc.

 0011 Bone Foam 2 ColourBone Foam Inc. is dedicated to bringing innovative patient positioners to the market of orthopedics. These products provide a consistent, stable and time effective solution for the Operating Room.

Bone Foam Inc. began in the Operating Room with an apparent need for an improved method for patient positioning. Our goal to eliminate “towel bumps” across the United States has proven to be just the solution hospitals needed, while reducing expensive time and cost factors associated with patient positioning in the Operating Room and excessive sterilized laundry. 

Today, Bone Foam Inc. provides a complete line of patient positioners for orthopedic trauma procedures. Bone Foam Inc. focuses on the very specific patient positioning needs that are unique to each surgical procedure. By listening to surgeon’s clinical issues, Bone Foam Inc. has developed the ability to react rapidly to the needs of the market and promptly design and provide unique solutions in an effective manner.

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