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Tidi Stack Rgb

In the early 1970’s, Contour Fabricators, Inc. saw a need for foam positioning aids in the diagnostic imaging industry.
Today, now known as CFI Medical Solutions, they have become a diversified manufacturer and cutting-edge engineering resource for OEMs and medical device distributors around the globe.

Used in over 600 hospitals in 12 countries, C-Armor® is the standard of care for Lateral C-Arm draping. C-Armor® is the only draping method that prevents sterile field breach as defined by AORN guidelines. C-Armor® is an expandable and collapsible sterile pouch that adheres to the patient drape at or above the level of the sterile field line. It permits unlimited fluoroscopic imaging in the horizontal plane, maintains the sterile field, and lies flat to the table when not in use permitting unencumbered surgical access.

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