Surgical Specialties joins Steptember

Published on: 9 September, 2014


Did you know the average office worker takes just 3,000 steps a day? It’s no wonder so many of us aren’t as fit as we’d like to be.
The Surgical Specialties team recognises the importance of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle and are getting active to support children and adults living with cerebral palsy. Each Surgical Specialties employee will take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days straight in September to raise incredibly important funds to support people living with cerebral palsy (CP) right across Australia.
Steptember is one of many local activities Surgical Specialties participates in. For the past 18months, Surgical Specialties have demonstrated ongoing involvement supporting Packforce, a division of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Packforce provide employment support to individuals with disability at two Sydney locations.

Cerebral palsy (CP)
Cerebral palsy (CP) is an umbrella term that refers to a group of disorders affecting a person’s ability to move. It is a permanent life-long condition, but generally does not worsen over time. It is due to damage to the developing brain either during pregnancy or shortly after birth.
Cerebral palsy affects people in different ways and can affect body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance.
People who have cerebral palsy may also have visual, learning, hearing, speech, epilepsy and intellectual impairments.

Packforce has been providing reliable, cost-effective assembly and packaging services for over 50 years.
In 1961, Cerebral Palsy Alliance (formerly The Spastic Centre) established Centre Industries to provide employment and training for adults with cerebral palsy. It was an innovative business venture that, for the first time, moved away from the sheltered workshop model to an open, competitive operation where people with a disability worked alongside able-bodied people. The first contract was to manufacture relay sets for telephone exchange junctions.
Since then, Packforce has grown into a renowned service provider utilised by businesses throughout NSW. With warehouses in Frenchs Forest and Wetherill Park, we have Sydney covered.
Packforce is an Australian Disability Enterprise.

Run by Cerebral Palsy Alliance, the Steptember charity event challenges people to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days straight in, yes you guessed it, the month of September.
Unlike many other charity challenges, Steptember is done in your own time. Just take 10,000 steps a day whenever you like, wherever you like, and log your steps online.

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