Published on: 1 November, 2014


Australian-owned orthopaedic distributor, Surgical Specialties ( have entered into an exclusive partnership with Cayenne Medical, Inc (

Cayenne Medical, Inc designs, develops and markets technically advanced soft tissue reconstruction solutions for the knee, shoulder, and extremities. Founded in 2005, the company is leading the transformation of traditional arthroscopic procedures by applying innovative technology through minimally invasive techniques. 

The Cayenne Medical product range offered in Australia includes the Quattro System®, a complete line of shoulder products for rotator cuff repair, labral repair, and beyond.

The Quattro® Link Knotless Anchor
The Quattro® Link knotless anchor brings control and efficiency to soft tissue repair. Its unique suture eyelet design allows for control in tensioning and accepts multiple sutures to accommodate all types of tears. The vented PEEK-OPTIMA® body design creates a strong, stable and reliable platform for optimal tissue-to-bone healing.

The Quattro® X/X3 Suture Anchor
The Quattro® X/X3 suture anchor provides an efficient, strong, and stable solution for rotator cuff repair. The unique PEEK anchor body with blunt tip and tapered thread pitch allows for easy anchor insertion while maintaining superior purchase to the bone. The dual channel eyelet allows the suture strands to slide freely and easily, improving suture management.

The Quattro® GL Pre-loaded Suture Anchor
The Quattro® GL pre-loaded suture anchor offers superior strength and performance for all types of soft tissue repairs. The unique barbed anchor body pattern allows for a small footprint in the bone while maintaining superior pull out strength. The individual eyelet design allows the suture strand(s) to slide freely and easily, improving suture management.

SureLock™ All-Suture Anchor
Cayenne Medical’s SureLock™ All-Suture Anchor provides strong, reproducible fixation through an innovative deployment method to keep the creep out of your all-suture fixation.

Quattro® Suture Passer
The Cayenne Medical, Inc. Quattro® Suture Passer is intended for passing suture through soft tissue in surgical procedures associated with shoulder soft tissue repair.

Cayenne Medical and Surgical Specialties are committed to help surgeons find solutions to problems in their practices, including patient outcomes, procedural challenges, and procedure costs.

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