ON-Q® Painbuster Pumps for Surgical Site Solutions

Non-narcotic pain relief that’s all about better outcomes and satisfied patients

As a trusted provider of market-leading, elastomeric ON-Q® Painbuster pumps for more than 10 years, Halyard Health has expanded its portfolio to provide you with a comprehensive suite of products to meet your needs. Delivering local anaesthetic automatically and continuously to the surgical site for days following surgery - providing effective pain relief.

ON-Q® Painbuster pumps provide significantly better pain relief than narcotics alone.

  • Optimised Surgical Care
  • Quicker return to normal, including ambulation, body functions, and full range of motion
  • Constant pain relief, so pain doesn’t “break-through” as it sometimes does with opioids
  • Decreased complications associated with opioids
  • Reduced or eliminated opioid-related side effects and complications
  • More comfortable recovery
  • May reduce length-of-stay (LOS) and lower cost per discharge

Added optional features include the Select-A-Flow® controller which allows you to adjust the flow rate according to your patient’s needs. Or the ONDEMAND® bolus button that allows patients to give a 5 ml bolus device in addition to the continuous flow rate.



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